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I'm Sonia (Rizzle), a Singaporean-born writer based in Sydney. I live with my husband (Mercer), daughter (Yumi), cat (Goose), bird (Chicken), and frog (Ava). When not at my day-job, I can be found writing, reading and frequently taking about both pursuits. I write for adults (18+). If action, romance, shame-free intimacy and moody, world-burning antiheroes who suffer from vulnerability anaphylaxis are your cup of tea, then you might enjoy my stories. Currently I'm in the process of writing four books and will be posting updates here on my website.



Original digital collage - Images are obtained from publicly-accessible museum digital archives.

Dollhouse - Oortman family, maker unknown, Amsterdam, late 1600s - early 1700s.
Bust - Head of a Young Woman' marble sculpture, Antonio Rossellino (1425 - c. 1450)
Background texture - Back cover of a picture book, 'Memories of Nagasaki', published by Yamatoya Yuhei, Japan, 1847.
Picture frame - Portrait of a Woman, miniature painting, artist unknown, Netherlands, 1790.
Woman/Skull artwork - Bust of a Half Skeleton and Half Young Woman, artist unknown, etching on paper, France 1615 - 1664.
Portrait of William II, King of the Netherlands -  Jan Adam Kruseman  (1804–1862) 

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