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A century-old criminal syndicate. Nineteen member organisations from around the world. Three powerful feuding families and a twenty-year old secret that threatens to bring untold violence.


Adventure, mafia, romance, mystery, adult.


In progress. 

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decoding dahlia

Eleven-year old Jack Severin was the lone survivor of his family’s mob assassination, thanks to the bravery of a very unusual little girl. Years later, Jack has risen through the Aegis Syndicate ranks to become the youngest Division Chief in the criminal organisation's 100-year history. After a busy year of strategic menacing, Jack is looking forward to a well-earned break, when an impromptu assignment scuttles his plans. What begins as the simple recovery of a stolen hard drive ends with Jack kidnapping the only cryptographer with the skills to crack the hard drive’s  encryption. Jack finds himself unexpectedly reunited with the girl who saved his life...and is now in a position to return that favour.  




Blurb coming soon


Oliver Vargas is good at having a good time. Lately, however, the responsibilities just keep piling up. His grieving sister is struggling to lead the family business and raise her young daughter. To help out, Oliver takes o

After accidentally deflowering the daughter of one of the syndicate's most powerful families, Oliver inadvertanrtlt places himself at the canter of a conspiracy that threatens.


Now, all he has to do is sur


escaping eden

Blurb coming soon

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